Canvas creates distinctive, sophisticated and relevant art collections for luxury properties around the world.
Collecting art and accessories for sophisticated, brand-defining spaces requires more than good taste and interesting objects. Canvas' consultants further your design goals by breathing the vibrancy of well-conceived and fully realized art programs into your space.

From offices in Atlanta, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, we are connected to an unparalleled network of galleries, collections, artisans, and craftspeople working in every conceivable medium and scale. Canvas creates compelling, individual art programs that elevate the calibre of each project's design.

Our vision is to design the best hospitality art collections around the world.

Our global team is comprised of specialty consultants, all with art-related backgrounds, who understand the language of design and are able to interact with ease across all design disciplines of a project.

Phase I | Concept

Determining a preliminary budget for the overall art program is a requisite first-step in the art consultation process. Once determined, this budget serves as a guide to aid in the development of a conceptual vision for the art program. Our consultants work closely with the project design team to establish a general direction for the art as it relates to the overall interior design concept. An Art Concept Book is produced to illustrate the intent of the art program, and includes a collection of imagery depicting the style and type of art recommended for the hotel's guestrooms and public areas. Once this Art Concept Book is approved, the art consultation proceeds to the next phase.

Phase II | Design Development

Our art consultants begin to select specific artwork for the project. In assembling this collection, they work closely with a diverse number of sources to exploit an almost unlimited range of works that incorporates the full gamut of artistic media. Next, a Final Art Program Book is submitted for client approval; in essence, a comprehensive overview of the collection of artwork that includes a detailed line-item art budget for each area of the hotel. For the project's public areas (including the lobby, lobby lounge, restaurant, spa, ballroom, and prefunction spaces), our consultants select and specify unique and original artworks including paintings and drawings, sculpture, art glass, ceramics, textile and fiber art, photography, and wood. Concurrently, our consultants also assist in coordinating the selection and acquisition of art and accessories for the Mock-Up Room. Once the artwork selections are approved, we facilitate the translation of these works, which are reproduced in quantity, into the hotel's various guestroom types.

Phase III | Documentation

After the Final Art Program Book is approved, the purchasing process begins. Our Art Consultancy initiates all commissioned artwork and proceeds with the procurement of existing art and accessories. They carefully monitor the process of commissioned artwork and custom artifact fabrication, and select specialty framing and customized presentation styles that will not only accentuate the artwork but also compliment the interiors.

Phase IV | Procurement & Installation

Integral to the overall success of the art program is the correct placement of each specific piece. Our art consultants are available to assist with the final installation, to locate and spot the artwork for the installation crew, and to place accessories in their proper locations throughout the hotel. Finally, our consultants will issue an Art Acquisitions Book to leave behind with the hotel staff. It includes a written description and image for each artwork in the hotel's collection, and is designed as a reference guide for the staff so they may offer an informed response to guest inquiries about the collection.


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Art Consultant | Atlanta
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